About Us

Mulwarra Export is a reliable supplier of quality Australian meat and meat products, seafood, game meat, specialty cheese, charcuterie and other specialty food items. Since 1997 we have been supplying five star hotels, restaurants, retailers and airline caterers, and we now supply to more than 35 countries.

We lead the foodservice supply sector by servicing leading hotels and restaurants in diverse markets with quality products. We establish long term partnerships with key distributors to service end users in a timely manner on a consistent basis.

We have established long term relationships with key partners along the supply chain in select regions in Australia, including direct access to Angus cattle through approved breeders and growers. This allows Mulwarra to source premium product with consistent quality throughout the year. We partner with our importer distributors in market, while also owning Food Source International in the UAE, Oman and the recently established Food Source International in Vietnam.

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Our Brand

The company’s name “Mulwarra” is a native Australian word meaning “A man that always has meat” and represents the consistency and the reliability of the company in delivering to our customers the finest quality meats and other perishable food products with tremendous service.

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Mulwarra is a highly trusted, reputable and respected export company. Mulwarra’s Vision is to be our customers’ first choice as the global preferred brand in five star hotels, restaurants and catering segment for Australian meat products (beef, Wagyu, veal and lamb) in each and every market we serve.

Mulwarra Customers

Our Customers

As a leading supplier of premium Australian beef, lamb, veal, Wagyu, venison, seafood, game meat, charcuterie, poultry, pork and specialty cheese, Mulwarra has customers in over 35 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific.


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