Mulwarra supplies the finest quality, tender and pink veal sourced from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Here, the calves are raised exclusively for veal production under ideal conditions.

Although in Australia the term veal is used to specify cuts from carcases of up to 150kg, Mulwarra supplies selected veal from carcases weighing up to 110kg, ensuring a consistent light coloured product.

Cuts are selected according to AUS-MEAT’s colour V1 or V2 grades (the two lightest grades out of 5) and can be packed to specific weight ranges.

All our veal is selected from dedicated producers who grow healthy calves under strict animal welfare guidelines and excellent nutritional conditions.

The result is an exceptionally tender meat texture with bright pink colour and a light white fat cover.

3209 Bone In Bobby Veal Rack Cap on MW VAC
3330 Boneless Bobby Veal Tenderloin MW VAC
3440 Boneless Bobby Veal Loin (Backstrap) MW VAC
3230 Boneless Bobby Veal Leg IW VAC
6999 Bobby Veal Leg Bones bulk packed (frozen only)
3949 Boneless Veal Leg Sets (inside, outside and knuckle) 3 sets/ctn IW VAC
3769 Boneless Veal Loin (Backstrap) 1.8-2.5kg, 2.5-3.0kg, 3.0-3.5kg IW VAC
3609 Bone In Veal 8 Rib OP Ribs (CFO Rack) IW VAC
3609 Bone In Veal 8 Rib OP Ribs Frenched Cap On IW VAC
3609 Bone In Veal 8 Rib OP Ribs Frenched Cap Off IW VAC
3766 Boneless Veal 0 Rib Striploin denuded IW VAC
3591 Bone In Veal 0 Rib Shortloin IW VAC
3735 Boneless Veal Rump IW VAC
3770 Boneless Veal Tenderloin IW VAC
3686 Boneless Veal Cap off Inside IW VAC
3630 Bone In Veal Hindshank Centre Cut MW VAC (Chilled) layer packed (Frozen)
3631 Bone In Veal Osso Bucco MW VAC
6060 Boneless Veal Cheeks special trim MW VAC
6560 Boneless Veal Sweetbreads MW VAC
3685 Boneless Veal Inside IW VAC

HAM – Handbook of Australian Meat Item Number

IW VAC – Individually wrapped and vacuum packed
MW VAC – Two or more items vacuum packed together
All veal items can be supplied with Halal certification on request

Picture links are from Handbook of Australian Meat and representative only. Mulwarra internal specifications may vary from these.

Mulwarra Veal
Mulwarra Veal
Mulwarra Veal

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