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All Mulwarra product is graded through leading quality assurance systems, focusing on producing a safe and consistent product.Production is done in accordance to strict Australian food safety standards and export accreditation requirements. These include limits and tolerances on additives, product traceability and independent industry audits.

Mulwarra is able to supply a range of products produced in accordance with Halal standards and provide Halal certificates issued by government approved Islamic organisations.All Australian Halal products are processed under the Australian Government Supervised Halal program, according to strict Islamic law.

Mulwarra believes strongly in sourcing products from environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems. All Mulwarra meat is from animals that are grown, fed and handled according to strict animal welfare practices and processed in a stress free environment.

Mulwarra prides itself on its expertise in cold chain management, working closely with key operators along the supply chain to ensure optimal product temperature conditions throughout the journey. All Mulwarra product can safely achieve the following shelf life at constant storage temperatures*:

Species Storage Shelf Life Temperature
Beef Chilled 12 weeks -1°C to 0°C
Frozen 24 months -18°C
Lamb Chilled 10 weeks -1°C to 0°C
Frozen 24 months -18°C

*Varies depending on production source and shipping.

For more information on shelf life, storage and ageing, download Australian industry beef and lamb leaflets.

All Mulwarra meat product is graded under AUS-MEAT language specifications, the common language in Australia that describes meat products and ensures customers receive product according to expectations.

AUS-MEAT utilises objective carcase measurements, to form descriptors for Bovine (Veal/Beef/Bull), Ovine (Lamb/Mutton/Ram) and Caprine (Goat) meat products.

In addition, there are specifications for Grain Fed products, Marbling (the intra muscular fat in meat), meat and fat colour, as well as the packaging of Australian red meat.

Mulwarra Quality and Assurance
Mulwarra Quality and Assurance

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