Charcuterie, Pork, Smallgoods & Stocks


Mulwarra supplies a range of quality Australian charcuterie items under premium brands such as Spiess Australia.

Spiess Australia was established in 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Albert Spiess Pty Ltd (Schiers, Switzerland). Traditional Swiss recipes, with a modern climate controlled production environment and quality Australian beef and lamb produce consistent air dried products including: Air Dried Beef Bresaola, Air Dried Lamb Prosciutto, Air Dried Beef Grisciutto, Air Dried Wagyu Beef, Beef Salami and Basturma.


In addition to Spiess, Mulwarra also works with other specialty Australian charcuterie and smallgoods producers to supply items such as ham, salami and bacon.

Mulwarra works with selected processors to supply premium Australian pork and specialty product such as Kurobuta Pork.

Mulwarra supplies premium Australian pork sourced from a select group of family owned and managed farms with a commitment to best breeding practices and product quality control. All our pork is from a selection of young, grain fed, premium cross bred pigs to produce consistency in flavour, tenderness, texture and colour across the entire range.

Mulwarra is also able to supply Australian bred Kurobuta Pork for those looking for something unique.

Coming from the ancient pig breed known as Black Berkshire, Kurobuta Pork is internationally recognised as premium pork rich in flavour, a delicate texture and exceptional juiciness.


Bone Roasters

Mulwarra is the exclusive international distributor for Australia’s finest range of stocks, Bone Roasters.  Since 2007, Bone Roasters has produced premium quality stocks and stock reductions for its customers. We are honoured to be trusted to expand the global footprint of this Australian Company.

All Bone Roasters products are produced using real bones and only the very best ingredients, ensuring their products maintain an extremely high quality standard.  Cooked in traditional open kettles, the products are slowly simmered, ensuring the maximum amount of real flavour is absorbed from each ingredient, resulting in an intense taste profile and natural product colour.

 The Bone Roaster range is produced and then frozen to maintain freshness and consists of Veal, Beef and Chicken Stocks, Jus and Glace.  The range offers superior products combined with the real consistency needed for a busy kitchen, ensuring you can rely on the same high quality outcome every time.

Mulwarra is proud to be distributing to many of the world’s top restaurants and food service providers. Available for Foodservice and now ready to use in Retail Packs, enquire now about ordering from your local importer.

Shelf life: 12 months frozen with 12 days from opening at less than 5 degree Bone Roasters food service stocks and sauces range we can regularly supply:

Stock Frozen

Chicken Stock 6 Brix

Veal Stock 15 Brix

Beef Stock 15 Brix

Jus Frozen

Chicken Jus 25 Brix

Red Wine Jus 25 Brix

Red Wine Jus 35 Brix

Beef Red Wine Jus 30 Brix

Glace Frozen

Veal Glace 25 Brix
Veal Glace 30 Brix

Retail Dry

Veal Stock 15 Brix
Chicken Stock 6 Brix
Veal Jus 25 Brix
Red Wine Jus 25 Brix

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