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Mulwarra has recently been mentioned in “Bringing Australian flavours to Vietnam” article published by Australia Plus of ABC International.
Below you can read a short preview of this article, for the full article please click here.


[. . .] Greg Darwell says his specialist export company Mulwarra, started supplying meat and seafood to Vietnam in 1997. Participating in Taste of Australia, Mr Darwell hopes to promote the brand and introduce some different beef cuts for the first time.
“For us the event is about brand awareness showcasing great Australian products,” he says.
Mr Darwell also emphasises the importance of networking with the right Vietnamese partners.
“A local partner or importer/distributor is essential as there is an entirely different world of import, customs clearance, storage and distribution where many things can and will go wrong unless you are working with the right partner. If you get this wrong then your brand will suffer.”
And finding the right partner requires more than just one or two meetings.
This is where a lot of companies go wrong, they jump in just to be in a market before they have fully researched the options and taken a carefully considered approach to who is the best long-term partner to work with.
[. . .] “Australia also has a reputation for its great ‘fusion’ cuisine, which brings together eastern and western food in new and delicious combinations – so I think it is another area of potential for Vietnam and Australia.
“It’s really a win-win – more business opportunities for Australian industry, and more delicious products for Vietnamese consumers.”
Mulwarra, which exports to all countries in Asia, also considers Vietnam as a market with significant potential for growth. However, Greg Darwell says he expects more transparency in the process of importation to Vietnam.
“It will still take time but it is certainly a market that we have strong expectation of.” [. . .]


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