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Four Season Resort Mauritius at Ahahita

Mulwarra Chef Mike Tafe recently designed and presented an Australian menu staring Mulwarra premium cuts of meat at the Star Chef Wine and Dine held at the Four Season  Resort Mauritius at Ahahita.

Mike also conducted a red meat discussion, workshop  and demonstration  highlighting :

  • The critical factors about selecting the right cut of meat for a dish
  • What affects quality | provenance | genetics | nutrition | processing |aging, etc.
  • A discussion on salt | salt rubs | scented salts | smoking | marinades | brines | cures | sauces | salsas | relishes | compound butters | condiments | accompaniments

The workshop focused on:

  • What should be served with beef?
  • What is a suitable accompaniment?
  • Does the dish have the greatest possible flavour (taste and aroma), balance, textures, and visual appeal?
  • Does the menu description do justice to what is on the plate, will it exceed/deflate expectations?
  • Are there any constraints to delivering the dish as planned i.e. skill/labour/equipment limitations?
  • Does the dish properly reflect the environment; the season, the weather (take a look out the window)?
  • Does the dish stand tall in paying respect to the traditions and techniques of a particular cuisine?
  • Will the diner know without a doubt that the dish displays forethought?
  • How often is the complete story of the dish communicated to the service staff?
Lightly smoked Mulwarra lamb loin
Minted peas, broad bean and cress
Grilled Mulwarra Wagyu tenderloin
Braised beef cheek, root vegetables, pink peppercorns

We thank all of those who took part. If you have any enquiries about Mulwarra products, please send us an email at

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